Disposal of used lead

We will reimburse your old battery

You have bought a new forklift battery and are looking for a lucrative way to dispose of your old battery?

  • We collect your old battery from you - free of charge nationwide from 250kg!
  • We remunerate your battery according to its weight and create a credit note for you.
  • Currently we remunerate 0,40€ / kg
  • Certified and professional disposal
  • positive contribution to environmental protection through professional recycling

Examples of remuneration:

  • 24V 3 PzS 375: 102.72€
  • 36V 3 PzS 240: 106,56€
  • 48V 4 PzS 620: 335,04€
  • 80V 5 PzS 775: 684,80€

For larger quantities of used lead we will be happy to make you a separate offer - write to us!

Inquiry for waste lead sorting